Teacher Stories

“Our school has wonderful teachers that are committed to giving their students a quality education through a creative and loving environment.”

Within our team of over 2,500 faculty members, hailing from countries such as USA, Canada, UK and Australia, you will find a community of like-minded, warm and welcoming educators. Our “Teacher Stories” series seeks to introduce you to some of our teachers from schools in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Cairo, and give you their perspective on working with Esol Education schools and overall impression of life in the Middle East.

Meet Kathryn Robinson, Grade 1 teacher at Esol Education’s American International School in Abu Dhabi (AISA) as she shares her experiences of working at AISA, the diverse professional development opportunities she has received, and talks in general about life in Abu Dhabi.


Meet Jennifer Pellymounter, Elementary Teacher at Esol Education’s Egypt school, AISE-Main Campus in Cairo. Teaching runs in Jennifer’s family, and inspired by her mother, Jennifer first student taught and then joined us as a permanent faculty member..



Rebecca Taher, Year 1 teacher at Esol Education’s Cairo English School (CES), describes why she enjoys teaching, talks about professional development with Esol and shares her views on why Egypt is such an exciting place to live.